Latinos Don’t Have Role Models? Say WHAT?! Behold Rita Moreno!

A cozy and very personal conversation with the incredible and iconic Rita Moreno took place in Los Angeles at The Grammy Museum, courtesy of NCLR (yes, the very influential Hispanic civil rights organization). Not only has Rita Moreno won an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, and an Emmy, but at the ripe age of 83, she is now also a published author.


Here Miss Moreno discusses growing up a Spanish-speaker in New York and the neglect she felt by nurses who didn’t speak Spanish, and how that experience compelled her to master the English language and become a wordsmith. She also shared intimate stories of the one-sided love she and mega star Marlon Brando shared for eight years. Ms. Moreno recapped that phase of her life by saying “I was madly in love with him, but unfortunately it was killing me slowly.”

nclr-event-rita-moreno-audience-conexion-networkingMs Moreno answers audience questions on acting, dancing, motherhood, the industry, life, family, and love — and of course, the insights of her vitality.


Thank you NCLR for the opportunity to be part of your event. We look forward to your upcoming Convention and Family Expo in July in Los Angeles.