Latinos Don’t Have Role Models? Say WHAT?! Behold Rita Moreno!

A cozy and very personal conversation with the incredible and iconic Rita Moreno took place in Los Angeles at The Grammy Museum, courtesy of NCLR (yes, the very influential Hispanic civil rights organization). Not only has Rita Moreno won an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, and an Emmy, but at the ripe age of 83, she is now also a published author.


Here Miss Moreno discusses growing up a Spanish-speaker in New York and the neglect she felt by nurses who didn’t speak Spanish, and how that experience compelled her to master the English language and become a wordsmith. She also shared intimate stories of the one-sided love she and mega star Marlon Brando shared for eight years. Ms. Moreno recapped that phase of her life by saying “I was madly in love with him, but unfortunately it was killing me slowly.”

nclr-event-rita-moreno-audience-conexion-networkingMs Moreno answers audience questions on acting, dancing, motherhood, the industry, life, family, and love — and of course, the insights of her vitality.


Thank you NCLR for the opportunity to be part of your event. We look forward to your upcoming Convention and Family Expo in July in Los Angeles.


3 Life-Changing Habits of High Performers

3-life-changing-habits-of-high-performers-conexion-latino-events-leadership-conex3601. Say ‘no’ to distraction. Every. Single. Time.
Successful people have that same list of tasks to accomplish as anyone else, the key is they make time to get them all done without excuses.

2. Read something new everyday.
Successful people read constantly, find mentors who can teach them and value new information that can help push them forward. Learn before you earn.

3. Flaunt your failures like a champ.
Fail, and fail often. Everyone fails. Successful people have the ability to get up and give it another go with a better plan the next time around.

Excerpts from “3 Life-Changing Habits of High Performers” by Brad Sugars, for

Found Good Resources at “Where’s the Money? Access To Capital Business Expo”



In my last post I suggested the “Where’s the Money Expo”. I attended, networked and took some pix. I met some great people, like a serial entrepreneur who’s working with Richard Branson (he had photos to prove it!). In addition, I’m happy to report that the organization putting this on (VEDC) is doing something other orgs aren’t: they are funding loans as small as $5,000 and walking business owners through the process of qualifying for the dollars they seek.

The event is now taking place in the San Fernando Valley (some 30 miles north of LA), and in our continuous effort to be a resource, VEDC is letting our network attend for free through this blog post.

The “Where’s the Money? Access to Capital Business Expo” will take place on Saturday, September 21st, from 8AM to 3PM, at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills. You can only register for free by clicking here.

Event highlights:

  • Networking Breakfast
    Network with other Small Business Owners
  • Business Workshops
    3 Tracks Focused on Finding, Managing or Growing Your Business Capital
  • Finance & Resource Expo
    Connect with Local Bankers & Business Organizations
  • Loan Pavilion
    One-on-One Financial Assessments Available
  • Business Luncheon
    Get Inspired by a Successful Local Business Owner

As for the producers: VEDC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and sustaining jobs and businesses in our communities by providing high-quality economic development services.

conexion-networking-events-access-to-capital-bankers-investors-mixer-entrepreneur-business-hispanic-market-September-ownerRemember, it will cost you nothing to find out if the event can get you the capital you seek.

I’d love to hear about your experience at this event; please comment on this post or on our Facebook page at:

Modern Day Mothers

Modern Day MothersThis snapshot of today’s mother tells a story of how we’ve evolved as a society, but it’s also a glimpse into the country’s future demographics, and future economics.