Good Food L.A. + [INFOGRAPHIC]

This post is about getting you involved with the Good Food Day LA project, a citywide event and day of service dedicated to learning about, celebrating and volunteering to strengthen the food system for all Angelenos. The event simultaneously brings together nearly forty sites and thousands of volunteers and participants who will be engaged in activities throughout Los Angeles – and you can learn about them and sign-up to participate here.

Good Food Day LA culminates in the afternoon at the Metabolic Studio, near Chinatown and will feature a resource fair, food trucks, chef demonstrations, and a cabbage cooking contest called “From Kim Chee to Cole Slaw” which will be judged by Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold and several renowned chefs. It will be followed by a panel discussion at 1pm focused on the fight for food workers’ rights and Fair Food across the globe.

For me, this is an opportunity to empower our community to take charge of our food supply. When we become the food producers, not just the consumers, we indirectly promote healthier lifestyles that prevent debilitating diseases, while saving money and the planet by getting our produce from our own backyards. Plus, I’m convinced there is nothing fresher, tastier, or more gratifying than growing our own food.

The infographic below is a baseline assessment of our current relationship with food:

There are more than 50 personal and professional development events on the Conexion calendar; just click here or follow us on Facebook.

Thanks for reading.
Cheers to good health!


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