Latinos Score Big at the Super Bowl

With more than 100 million around the globe watching Victor Cruz of the New York Giants and Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots going toe-to-toe at Sunday’s big game, many Latinos in the US had much more to celebrate than touchdowns.

To folks like me, the Super Bowl was an opportunity to show off the many dimensions of our community; our diversity in color, taste in sports, athletic skill, level of acculturation – and most definitely, our ability to salsa in the end zone.

To marketers and corporations seeking to do business with Latinos, or who wish to sell to us, I say; do your homework! Connect with us on various levels — intellectual, financial, familial. And don’t believe the political hype about Hispanic immigrants arriving in droves. Our current and projected population growth is mostly due to births – births to your future consumer and your future labor force.

And America, if you were truly paying attention you’d realize we are a community tied together by our customs, our music, our food, our bilingualism — but no longer separate from what it means to be an American. In fact, we are redefining that very idea.

Let’s cheer to that!


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