That 1 Stubborn Pound…

Not all infographics are useful or interesting, but this one could possibly be both, you decide.

As a former triathlete now turned Chubsy-ubsy, I find myself looking for time, motivation, and a simpler way to keep healthy.  My priority these days is my business and time is a luxury I don’t have, yet. Where I once ran 50 miles per week, I now walk the dog twice per day while handling business calls. Perhaps there is a smarter way to integrate fitness with business. Any ideas?

In any case, I wish all of you health, happiness, focus and inspiration in the New Year.


3 thoughts on “That 1 Stubborn Pound…

    • It didn’t do that for me either, but seeing how most resolutions only last 35 days I am determined to find a way to stay focused and hopefully support others in doing the same. Not only are we earning less than our parents, but we may actually live shorter lives than them? Not good.

  1. I experienced a similar challenge and this quote brought it home “We find time for the things that are important to us. Period.” Scott Douglas, Scott’s Original Miscellany, Running Times – March 2011

    Think 20-30 years down the line, what will your health look like if you don’t work out regularly, you’ll have the financial success but it might be going into pills and treatments. This was might first insight.

    I solved for this issue by finding things I can do while I workout/train, sometimes its solving for a business challenge, othertimes listening to an audio book or simply allowing time to reset the brain. It’s an entrepreneurial opportunity:)

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