Develop a Team of [Business] Ideas Using the SUN

At the center of absolutely every great company there’s a group of people who are equally great. And it’s not just that these are good individuals, they are above all, a team better than the sum of its individual parts. In essence, each makes the other better, in turn making the team better, and ultimately making everything they do great. It’s a beautiful virtuous cycle.

But like in any team environment (business, sport, or other), the success of the group is measured by their execution of the strategy or plan. And because a plan is a set of ideas, it is easy to surmise that in order to have a great team, one must first develop a team that creates, or births, many ideas.

I call my concept for fostering such team; SUN, and here’s the gist:

  • Share. Let’s face it; until an idea is shared with the world it has neither the potential of being a success or failure, and as such it’s meaningless. Creating an environment where it’s safe to share basic or elaborate ideas is super important. No judgment, no criticism, no rules. Having your ideas heard and accepted gives everyone a sense of value and worth, it invites others to share, and it perpetuates the very essence of the process.
  • Understand. Rather than jump to conclusions on why an idea won’t work, it is imperative to see it from multiple perspectives. Before anyone pokes holes in the idea or provides feedback, the team should articulate the concept back to the originator to ensure they are on the same page. Feeding an idea back can also lead to positive escalation of the initial thought.
  • Nourish. Last, but equally important, the leader and the team must give ideas the necessary space and resources to become something – or become nothing. Remember the old adage; “some of the world’s best ideas have come from the world’s worst ideas.”

Some ideas are ahead of their time, and others have created new businesses, new industries and even new economies – but we only know this because the initial ideas were allowed to take hold and were properly cultivated.

Treat people like gold, and eventually they and their ideas will turn into gold.

Thanks for reading, this was my bit of gold gift to you for the holidays 😉


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