My Dad the Entrepreneur

I love to tell people how I learned to ride a bike at four – no knee pads, helmet, or training wheels – and how I learned to pencil sketch at eight, which is why I went into animation. That’s only half the truth, though. I learned those things at such an early age because my dad taught them to me.

My dad encouraged me to develop many skills but also to explore my passions. He himself was an industrial mechanic, a fireman, a soccer player, a welder, an artist, a cook, a professional cyclist…even the proud owner of multiple US patents. The guy gave everything he had to every single task, no matter how backbreaking or unglamorous. I credit my solid work ethic to that man.

Over the years, and through the course of his “real” jobs, my dad was happiest being his own boss. He was an entrepreneur up until he became ill and eventually passed away a year ago. I may be following in his footsteps or creating my own legacy; whatever the case, I’m glad I get to stand on the shoulders of a passionate and creative man – my dad. Happy Father’s Day!


3 thoughts on “My Dad the Entrepreneur

  1. Edgar well said!! You have been a role model to my family and we appreciate all you do for us.. All the stories i heard about your father good man.. Have a great day

  2. Very cool. It’s in the gene:). I never met my dad, I don’t really know what he did, what I’ve heard is that he was a teacher and a business person. Great to learn this part of your history, it made me want to dig more into mine.

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