The 10 Best Phone Apps for Business Owners and Professionals on the Go

Although I am the president of my own company, the reality is I am primarily in charge of pitching to new clients  and, most importantly, of keeping the existing ones as happy as possible – so I spend my days on the road. Like many out there, I’ve come to refer to Starbucks as my office. And as a self-proclaimed “road worrier,” I’m often on the lookout for tools that can assist me in being more efficient with my time and more effective with my resources. I’ve been using some of the apps below and have found them to be invaluable in my quest to grow my company while still making time to do the things I love: eating and sleeping (okay, having a social life as well).

1.      Google Voice

Google Voice gives you one phone number and the app funnels all of your other numbers to your device of choice (great for the babysitter). It also allows you to access all of your voicemail and text messages online, plus it transcribes your calls so you have a record of all your communication, and thus avoid communication issues of “you said, I said.” The most current version allows you to mask outgoing calls with your Google Voice number, and that way keep your real number private.

2.      Jott

No more scribbling your moments of brilliance (or random thoughts) on a napkin. This app lets you record on the go and then quickly transcribes your voice notes into text. It’s perfect for capturing meeting highlights and emailing recaps, or sharing ideas with staff.

3.      Documents To Go

The free version of this app lets you read Word and Excel files on the go. The upgraded version ($15) adds PowerPoint to the menu and grants you editing capabilities. Think of all you can get done while sitting at the car wash.

4.      Tripper

Ideal for the entrepreneur who wants to write off mileage at tax time, this user-friendly app lets you enter odometer start and stop readings, has customizable categories (in case you’re billing your clients for the miles) and provides a live GPS mileage tracking option that records mileage while you drive.

5.      Gist

Ever wish you could centralize all of those contacts sitting in the many databases you’ve developed over the years? Well, there’s an app for that! Available on both iPhone and Android, Gist not only brings all of your contacts together, but it will also reconcile information available online to give you the full scoop on your VIP clients.

6.      Bump

Bump is probably the dorkiest of apps, but it is very useful and works with Android and iPhone. You and your soon-to-be contact simply open the Bump app, choose what you want to share (photos, contact info, apps), and then, while holding the phones, simply bump your hands together and – voila! (You’re welcome to shout, “Wonder Twins, activate!”).

7.      Pocket Punchclock

PocketPunchclock makes it a cinch to track the time you spend on different tasks, ideal for entrepreneurs who bill by the hour or freelancers who need to document their time. The software gives you an easy start/stop clock, lets you manage multiple timesheets, records exact times and, best of all, lets you email all the info.

8.      Dial Zero

This app allows you to search through a massive database of companies and, with a few clicks, gets you to a live person. It even provides tips from other callers. No more letting others waste your time – I know I waste mine just fine on my own.

9.      Astrid

Ever walk into a Staples store and buy everything except what you went in for? The Astrid app provides reminders, checklists, and synchronization that will remind you – maybe even nag you – to get what you intended to get. As entrepreneurs we do…well…everything, so it’s vital to leverage tools that give us an edge. This app will definitely remind you of your to-dos – of course, you’ll have to remember to record them.

10.  10001 Cocktails         

Perfect for impressing clients (or a date), 10001 Cocktails is a cheat sheet that gives you access to thousands of drink recipes organized by alcohol types, including brandy, rum, shots, whiskey, tequila and more. Perfect for those like me who don’t (or can’t) tell jokes.


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