Hello World!

It’s 2010, and while I follow more than my fair share of blogs, I am devoting this blog to social entrepreneurs — the type that do well by doing good. Not that others aren’t already blogging in this sphere, but rather because I am taking the approach that social causes, not business, should be the central driver of this concept.

Why am I shifting the center? Because as people we are driven by emotion, by deeds that are compelling beyond the growth of a business or its profit and loss statement. I will make the argument, both qualitative and quantitative (hopefully become a case study myself), that a business driven to create social change first and profit second will outperform a business driven by profit then cause. It’s something I’m calling “socially proactive.”

I set out in this journey to fulfill my legacy. I hope there are others out there in the world that will share their insights and I can be as much a supporter as a student.



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